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Nuclear Power… back in fashion already?

Apparently the Canadian prime minister has decided his hands dirty. He was off in China negotiating a deal to increase the amount of uranium exports to China. Now obviously nuclear power has been getting a bad reputation as late, with many small European countries claiming that they will be reducing the nuclear component of their energy portfolio and some eliminating it altogether however most of these countries were very small on the nuclear world stage to begin with. China on the other hand is quite the opposite.

Judging by the number  of nuclear power plants now under construction in China, which is more than the amount currently operational there’ll be quite an increase in demand for Canadian uranium in China in the years to come.  Plus, given the beating that nuclear power is taken of late in the public relations department, this sector looks like it could be a sound long-term investment.


Quick note: Although the new sources obviously biased (which can easily be spotted by the claim of “unbiased, independent news”) the source can easily be verified by any number of articles in the business press and as soon as the Prime Minister of Canada is mentioned as lead negotiator that’s just a story that’s too big to lie about.


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