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What is a WOW worth?

Humans can habituate anything.  Even things that feel bad, like the feeling you get after slugging down too much McDonald’s.  So you better believe we can do it with good things.

Why is that important?  Think of it like this.

Say you buy a brand new, 60″ plasma, high-definition, (insert other bells and whistles here) TV, to replace your tiny, dull 32″ LCD.     You bring it home, hook it up, and voila!  Instant happiness!  It’s so clear, it’s so crisp!  I can see every individual pockmark on Deniro’s face!

OK.  Now ask yourself.  The last time you bought something like that… how long did it take before that became normal?  Before it was standard?  Before you didn’t even notice it?

One week?  Two?  You would be a highly unusual individual if it was longer than two.  If it was, odds are you aren’t actually using it very much.

Now take however long that is, and divide the price of the item by the number of days that you thought of it as special as opposed to normal.   If it was a $1,000 TV, say you would have thought to yourself “man, this TV is so damn great” for a week before other things (you know, family, work, friends) took higher precedence and forced the TV into the background of your life.  That’s $1,000 / 7 or $143 per day.   Of course, if television is the most important aspect of your life, maybe it was a lot longer than 7 days, so your price per “Wow” would drop accodingly.

So, the question is, how much is a “Wow” worth to you?  $143?  $70?  $50?

Wait, you weren’t in jaw-dropping awe of the TV in the first place?  OK, how much is a “Cool.” worth?  $20?  $10?

If you think that’s scary… apply it to a 2010 Escape because you’ve gotten tired of your ’92 Civic.

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