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Thinking Excercise: Age

Have a look at this graph:

US Demographic by Age

There has never been as many old people in the US as there is today, and that number is only going to get bigger. What determinations can you make from it? Women live longer than men, obviously. But go deeper. What other conclusions or questions can you come up with? Can you think of any opportunities? Stop reading now, and think.

How about:

1) Who’s paying the social security? (A: Not enough.) There obviously has to be changes to system to make it viable. (If you’re 20, what do you think the odds are that the retirement age is still 65 when you get grey?)

2) The US funeral business looks to be a growth industry for the next 30-40 years.

3) Before the baby boomers die off, most have to make the process from “middle age” to old to, “I have more wrinkles than a bulldog”. The demand for assisted living, (known as “old folks homes” to the younger set) is set to take off.

4) The amount of (legal) drugs consumed increases with age, doesn’t it? That’s a good tailwind for the pharmaceutical industry.

5) There’s more 45-50 year olds than 0-5. Presumably more people born 45-50 years ago have died than ones born less than 5 years ago. We can reasonably assume that the American population (minus immigration) is shrinking.

What do you have?

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