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Practice “Thinking Outside the Box”

One of the most important parts of being able to live off your wits is the ability to see opportunity where others see nothing but doom and gloom. Through our five senses, we are exposed to over a million individual bits of information every second. And it is up to us to decide which ones we pay attention to.

Many of us prefer to focus on information that shows that the world is a nasty, brutish place. That we are victims, thus absolving ourselves for any responsibility for our situations. I was just born fat. Those greedy CEOs are taking all the money. Those damn illegal immigrants are taking all of the jobs. You’ve heard it all before.

Many of us prefer to focus on the information that shows that the world is a kind, loving place. There’s someone out there for everyone, the meek shall inherit the earth, my chi is strong, but I’m a little indecisive because I’m a Gemini. Certainly a happier world view than the first example, but it requires one to ignore rather a large chunk of reality. The chunk with the problems in it.   But where there’s problems, there’s opportunity.

What we need to focus on is two things:
a) Is there an opportunity hidden here, if so, where?
b) What is everyone else missing?

Truth is, every single thing you see with your eyes except some portions of the night sky, someone made money off of somewhere. Sometimes it was extremely difficult, requiring millions of man-hours of labour. Sometimes it is breathtakingly simple. The grass out front? Someone grew and sold the sod. $$. Someone’s cutting that grass. If that’s not the owner, that’s $$ for someone. Does it need fertilizer or pesticide? $$.

Now let’s practice. Global warming. (If you don’t believe it exists, fine. Pretend you do. Practice getting outside your belief system.) Bad, right? Sure. All bad? If you believe so, you haven’t spent a lot of time examining that belief.

So let’s try this thought excercise. Try to figure out 5 benefits of global warming. They don’t have to benefit the entire population, just some segment of it.

Now along those same lines, try naming some investment opportunities that might benefit or might not even exist without the earth getting warmer.

Global Warming Forecast

Go ahead. Think about it. Cultivating a state of mind that allows you to see positive aspects and opportunities that others miss is absolutely VITAL to taking control… not just of your finances, but of your mind.


  1. Daouane says:

    i’m glad i could learn so much here in your blog. thanks a lot.

  2. Adira says:

    nice report…

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